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Box CCTV Camera

This is the most common type of camera found at Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore. The name is derived from the shape of the gadget. It is classified as a standalone camera which functions just like any other camera. It can be used in both commercial and residential spaces and as long as there is no worry about an aesthetic look, considering the camera owns a traditional box shape. What sets this camera type apart is the fact that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor requirements as there is an option of changing the lens and camera. The choice in lenses that it offers include vari-focal and fixed and for more options you can speak to the Coimbatore CCTV Dealers.

Dome Security Camera

This one is particular is seen in more places than you can count and sells the fastest at a number of Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore. Functioning as a camera, it is shaped to look like an upside down dome. This is done to make the object look discreet as well as the place towards which it is pointing at. When this aspect is unclear, more often than not you assume that it is pointing in all directions. This has proved to stop a lot of people from actions they intended on taking because of sheer mis-judgement. It is the perfect choice when looking to have a CCTV camera installed in places such as warehouses and kitchens which often have dirt and particles in the air. A number of CCTV Camera Dealers Coimbatore encourage you to purchase these as the advantage of having dome cameras, is that they are compact and pleasing to the eye. Its presence is not evidently felt.


PTZ Security Camera

The Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore applaud these cameras for their viewing controls. The operator who stands on the other end of the camera can control the movement of the lens by zooming in, tilting it upwards and downwards and panning it from one direction to the other. If you are familiar with controlling a joystick which is present for a number of video games then this should be fairly easy for you. They can also be set to automatically pan a large area without you having to control it too. The Coimbatore CCTV Dealers will speak highly of their high zoom-in capacity which is another major feature that highlights the product.

Bullet Security Camera

The Cctv Dealers Coimbatore will tell you that the name for this one is derived from its slender shape which resembles the bullet post box which generally stands in the garden. Be it a small unit or even a one that is much larger, these cameras are known well for their quality of picture that they capture. Since the gadget is enclosed, it calls for a lesser amount of servicing which is what will surely get your attention. The CCTV Camera Dealers in Coimbatore will advocate the use of these models, as they function well with low lighting which makes it the perfect purchase for those looking to install it in a place that is relatively dark.


IP Security Camera

An abbreviation for internet protocol, this type of camera can digitally transmit signals to a computer via a network. A majority of the CCTV Dealers Coimbatore have these models sold to commercial spaces. It does what a regular webcam can do, however the fact that these are specially used for surveillance is the main reason why they are given the term IP security camera or netcam. Certain models of this type of camera have built-in software that are able to analyze videos. The resolution on these are said by many, including Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore to be considerably high along with its scalability.

Day/Night Security Camera

There isn’t much to explain with this one as the main description of it lies in its name. The Cctv Dealers Coimbatore sell these camera types to places like museums, malls and other spaces that hold valuables and need round the clock monitoring. With the ability to capture videos during the day and at night through its infrared filter, this camera type is an ideal selection for spaces that need security services combing through the premises all through the day. Decreased light condition which is one of the major worries that people have when it comes to these cameras, is solved with the day and night security models. You can check out the latest models at leading CCTV Dealers, CCTV Installation Service in Coimbatore.


Thermal Security Camera

If you need a camera to be installed in an environment that is harsh or even dark, Coimbatore Cctv Dealers will tell you that this camera type will make for the perfect buy. It detects the heat contained within the human body and captures its form and movement along with rough figures of all the other objects in the surrounding. Environment types that contain smoke, haze, dust and light fog are precisely where you should have these cameras installed. The CCTV Dealers Coimbatore offers these cameras at excellent prices.

Wide Dynamic Security Camera

To find the best deals on these cameras approach the best Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore. Much like the the day and night camera and the thermal security camera, wide dynamic security cameras are able to adjust to various environment conditions as well as time in the day to capture objects and people. It is crafted to automatically adjust in accordance with decreasing light and increasing light. If the light is too bright it instantly balances out the over exposure and brings a contrast and shade to make the imaging more visible. If you have noticed, a picture you have click of people with light emitting from the background only makes the faces more difficult to view. For situations like these, this camera type does an excellent job in bringing balance to the imaging based on the intensity of light. The Cctv Dealers Coimbatore are the ideal ones to help you out with more information on the same.

Wireless IP Camera

What makes this camera type so convenient is that it can be installed quite easily and without the need to be connected to a network cable. It can be easily installed by Cctv Dealers Coimbatore and can be set up via WiFi. With its ability to detect motion, it quickly shifts to record sudden entries into a space or movement within an area. The cherry on the cake for this gadget is its ability to tilt and swivel which aids in maximizing the viewing ability. Another feature of this gadget that the wireless Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore speak highly is its ability to adjust to decreasing light which makes it a package in itself.

360 Cameras (PTZ Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera

While some of these look like a ball like bulb and others, like smoke detectors, these can record views from all directions. The Coimbatore Cctv Dealers have an enthralling collection of these models. The images from each point on the single unit are stitched thus making the perfect all round viewing. You can also zoom into it do get better clarity on details. If placed in the center, these cameras need an unobstructed view, which is what many forget to keep in mind when installing them. In some of the models the lens requires a 120-degree to 140-degree field of view. Another way of using these is to have them set up at 90 degree corners of the room and that will help get you a direct view of a major portion of the room.


The Cctv Dealers in Coimbatore in the city showcase a vast selection of cameras that you can make a choice from. Some of the leading brands that manufacture surveillance cameras are LG, UNV, Zicom, Sony, Bosch, Honeywell, Hikvision, CP Plus, Hi-Focus and Samsung. If not for the dealers that sell security cameras that capture colour, you can be sure to find black and white Cctv Dealers Coimbatore too. The price for CCTV cameras in India depends on the type, as mentioned above as well as added features wireless signal transition, ultra-high resolution, thermal imaging, explosion proof housings and a lot more. In addition to this, these dealers also flaunt the other goods they have in their store such as bio-metric attendance recording systems. This machine requires one to place their finger on a scanner and it will record the finger or thumb print and match it with the recorded person’s identification while tracking their log-in and log-out time. Many of these machines are installed right at the entrance of offices.

Now that you have a fair view of the various types of CCTV cameras available in the market, you can make up your mind more easily and decide on the one you want to have installed. The wise words, ‘precaution is better than cure’ stands true when it comes to situations that call for the need of a security camera. Safeguard your home, your office, your work space and anything else you hold dear to your heart. Let the notion of security cameras need to be installed only outside the house not cloud your judgement. Many of you may have heard of the term ‘nanny cam’. These cameras keep a track on all the activities undertaken by the house-help especially when they are to care for your little one. Wait no longer to secure your space because danger never knocks before entering.

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Aura Business Solutions cctv installation coimbatore is a leading surveillance and CCTV company in coimbatore, Tamilnadu , From CCTV installation to complicated automation solutions, we provide the best of Access control, Biometric Time and Attendance, EPABX, HD CCTV Surveillance, Networking and Smart Home Security. CCTV surveillance is one amongst the best ways to make certain your business and residence is protected. The protection surveillance systems are wide accepted by firms and residences with the explicit goal of reducing the illicit activities happening in the society. An honest closed-circuit television has all the cameras positioned within the right locations that solely involve within the correct surveillance. It improves productivity and potency of the business. The employment of the protection surveillance during a business atmosphere should be done logically inside the workplace to make sure that the conduct and activities of the staffs are maintained on an honest level. Each and every minute is captured throughout. Once it is acknowledged that the realm is under surveillance work efficiency is increased. The responsibility is to have a watch on the assets and premises and through correct security surveillance work and with the proper CCTV Camera Installation you will be able to accomplish the results you need. Aura Business Solutions is one of the best CCTV installation corporations in cochin. We incorporate CCTV security, CCTV home security, CCTV for workplace, CCTV installation service also as CCTV product sales. We supply security product from Samsung CCTV, Hikvision CCTV, Honeywell CCTV, Panasonic CCTV, DSC security systems, Dahua CCTV, Bosch CCTV and CP Plus CCTV, SECURICO Security systems,Optex,Texecom,Sony,Secureye etc. We provide the simplest value access to our partners compared to alternative CCTV suppliers in Kerala. As a trusty CCTV dealer and CCTV Camera Installation in Ernakulam, we tend to maintain prime position among CCTV corporations in KERALA and TAMILNADU.


As a trustworthy and experienced cctv installation Service supplier in coimbatore, Aura Business Solutions CCTV cochin is devoted to providing advanced CCTV security surveillance solutions to industries and residence across Kerala. Years of expertise within the vertical of style, installation and maintenance created a name amongst the pioneers in Kerala. We have all the infrastructure and therefore the network to produce cost-efficient CCTV installation within the region of coimbatore, dindigul, tirupur, dharapuram, mettupalayam, ooty, palakkad. The resolutions area unit tailored to fulfill your needs and if you’re in hunt for a right solution supplier who delivers impeccable system, there is no need to look beyond Aura Business Solutions CCTV coimbatore. Peace of mind is assured with the proper reasonably product and budget.


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